Filming on Campus

Oglethorpe’s unique architecture, vast green space, and traditionalist interior design make it a popular choice for location scouts in Georgia’s booming film and television industry.

From feature productions to commercial filming to music videos, Oglethorpe’s campus offers scenery and locations appropriate for a variety of situations.

Key Locations

  • Academic Quad
  • Hearst Hall
  • Lowry Hall
  • Lupton Hall
  • Hermance Stadium
  • Turner Lynch Campus Center
  • Residential Dormitories
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Productions on campus

The Cartoon Network maximized the dramatic feel of Philip Weltner Hall at night.

Filming at Oglethorpe gives Georgia-based productions uniquely Gothic exteriors to establish moods


Hearst Hall serves as a stand-in for Duke University in season two of The Vampire Diaries.

Location scouts appreciate filming scenes in Oglethorpe's classic interiors


Jack’s Restaurants turned the Academic Quad into a football and dance party for a commercial.

Commercials shoot at Oglethorpe all the time.


Oglethorpe grad Dina Marto’s 6 Degrees Productions utilized Hermance Stadium for a video shoot.

Oglethorpe offers locations appropriate for film, television, music videos, and commercials


Belk’s created a tailgate party on the quad for a commercial.

Major companies like Belk's film at Oglethorpe.


A carpet company provoked a sword fight beneath Hermance Stadium.

From medieval to very modern, Oglethorpe gives location scouts a lot to work with.


In Mira Nair’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Oglethorpe’s lush campus plays the role of Princeton University.

Oglethorpe's lush campus and distinctive architecture lend itself to filming academic environments of all types.